Saturday, December 12, 2009


huhuhu..first of all the time i've been using this type of blogging.i'm not the type of it.but i'm trying now..
one shot>>yesterday was first gwe g wedding kwn gwe d taman melawati.huhuhu...x sangka sekaya tu kawan gwe tuh..his family is so cutey cutey..frum dad till his younger n elder sisters and food was amazing..full of lemak..n i like it!nasi briyani +ayam goreng berempah+pakis masak tempoyak+rendang daging+syrup.thanks to PERMAI CATERING!kenyang n then blah lorr..
second shot>>kete ku meluncur dgn lajunye ke damansara..wehu!!~~~so long x g jenjln.waahhah!ade a big christmas tree c/w 2 girls cupid.u can take a shot with them.then,go to nichii's boutique.shot one dress for rm 70 and after less 30 %,it's rm49 sumtink i think.dari jauh sudah gwe dengar nyanyian filipino band.nice song!dancing queen!love it!then record it!the singer sing dgn mulut terbuka amazing her voice.its just in front of asam pedas restaurant.
third shot>>we take a walk to the other side mall.bought a starbucks mocha frappucino.huh!~~
sudah tunggu begitu lama mau minum itu starbucks mocha!pay the parking..then tata damansara!
fourth shot>>working!argh!working for life!sit there for 3.5 hrs for additional money.its just a showroom.u hav to attend the customers.discuss with the sales u have to convince the customers to use your things.

then its happen only yesterday!